About our curriculums

We observe our students’ character and personality, in addition to their cognitive strategy for learning, in order to decide on a curriculum that includes their aims.  Moreover, by reviewing feedback from their class, we are able to readjust their curriculum and improve the quality of classes.

■ For children with dreams of becoming a medical scientist, researcher, etc., in a professional field

One of elementary school students study chemistry to become a doctor, and some of high school students study mathematics in English here to be familiar with a sense of language and to cultivate their perspectives.

■ Textbook choice

We choose the most suitable textbooks for the students’ goals from our comprehensive collection of educational books and textbooks.

Private class

Private class

Each person has their own perspectives and rationale. This means that everyone also has a completely different recognition of problems and way to achieve their tasks.   Based on these facts, we create well-crafted curriculums for each student and allow them to think out their tasks deeply in various ways and to gain abilities for problem solving.  Moreover, we improve students’ ethics and morality and enable them to accept diversity in order to become an “international-minded person”.

Group class

Group class

Our group classes aim to combine each student’s character with the advantage of studying in groups, encouraging them to find solutions for the various types of problems and questions together. This cooperation can produce diverse, creative ideas for tasks and spontaneously promote their discussions. This allows students to be exposed to different opinions, elaborate their own thoughts, and enhance their problem-solving ability by combining these ideas.

Specialized class

Specialized class

Many adults who have wonderful ambitions and aim to accomplish successful goals also attend Ishioka-Terakoya Academy.  We utilize our experience and large amount of data to create an elaborate class plan that is well suited for each students’ aspirations so that they can reach their goals in the fastest and most effective way.  In addition, we can improve not only our student’s English ability but also advanced English documents, including research papers and resumes for business.

English Advanced Liberal Arts Course

About EALA Course

This is an introductory class to writing at an academic level in English. It is taught at an upper high school to university level. The purpose of the class is to prepare the student for writing at an academic level by exposing the student to different grammar and writing styles used in university, and also by reinforcing these key points through composition creation. The course is writing intensive, with a weekly essay assignment which is peer-reviewed by fellow students before turning in. This allows students to compare writing styles with others to both learn grammar from similar level papers and how to correct them.